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Re-elect Erick Carter
Collier's Choice 2x Running!


Accomplishments on the School Board

An active Republican and successful Collier County small business owner, Erick has brought much needed conservative values, fiscal responsibility, and business leadership to the School Board. 

  • The Collier County School District is currently on schedule to be DEBT-FREE by 2026.

  • Two new elementary schools will be brought online by 2026, without taking on any additional debt. 

  • The District is operating on a modified zero-based budget to ensure financial sustainability. 

  • Established a Spending Reductions Workgroup with the objective of scrutinizing our Academic Return on Investment. 

  • Established a new Audit Committee to review internal and external audit findings. 

  • Conducted a comprehensive Risk Assessment which identified Purchasing and Procurement Compliance as well as Recruitment and Onboarding as internal departments for audit in the 2023/24 school year.   

Priorities for Upcoming Term

  • Open more opportunities for Collier County Juniors and Seniors to attend Technical Colleges, so they can confidently start their careers debt free.

  • Reduce unnecessary spending by:

    • Ensuring that we establish quantifiable goals on all of our programs so that we can evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for our students, teachers, and taxpayers.

    • Engaging Budget Reduction Committees so that we can continuously improve our processes and reduce waste.

    • Establishing Zero Base Budgeting where applicable.

  • Continue to build on our elementary students’ reading gains with a strong focus on phonetical learning.

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