"A premier education system is the solid foundation for our community’s future growth and success. I want to share my effective business experiences, my common sense approach and my commitment to our community so that our children can reach their fullest potential and our economy can grow and thrive with trained and ready professionals.


As a father, businessman and graduate of our public adult learning opportunities, I understand the value of excellence in education. I am proud to be part of our wonderful community that knows what it takes to keep our schools great!


That’s why I am running for the Collier County Public School Board District 4 seat. I ask for your vote and your support and I look forward to representing you on our Collier County school board."

~ Erick Carter for School Board District 4


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Collier County School District’s Budget

Special interest groups have proposed to reject federal funding in order to opt-out of testing requirements. This would eliminate $57 million from our budget that pays for essential programs that improve academic performance like Exceptional Student Education, English as a Second Language.  Other programs like meal programs for lower income students and JROTC help students succeed in other ways. This kind of cut would also force us to lay off valuable educators. This is a bad deal for taxpayers, if the property or sales taxes are raises to offset the cuts in federal funds.  You’ve already paid for this funding through your federal taxes – you should not have to pay twice.

I stand for truth in understanding the budget and the full financial impacts that we face as a community. Everything is on the table when it comes to efficient use of our tax dollars, but the solutions to cut expenses need to make sense.

School Testing

Testing – or over-testing – our students is another area of concern for our community. I do believe that our teachers and students are burdened with too many tests throughout the year. However, opting-out isn’t a smart solution.  If we don’t comply with state required testing, all Collier County Schools will lose their accreditation – leaving our students paying the price. 


Our school system must maintain our accreditation in order for our students to compete globally. They need to attend accredited schools in order to compete for the colleges and ultimately the careers of their choice.

I will recommend that Collier County School District continue to lobby the state to reduce the number of standardized tests. 


School Choice

We have 46,000 students with unique talents, abilities and challenges. Our school system has worked hard to provide multiple opportunities for our children to be able to succeed. Parents should have every right to choose the school that best represents their needs and talents.


Additionally, parents should support a School Board that represents the broad collection of students, schools and constituents in their District.


The Role of the School Board

Our School Board is nonpartisan race so the members can represent a diverse community, looking out for the best interests of all of our students. By law, the role of the School Board is to provide oversight and strategic direction to ensure that there is leadership, accountability, and efficient use of all available resources for all of our 46,000 students.


I am here to listen in an open and honest way to our students, parents, teachers, community leaders, and district representatives so that we can work together to find smart solutions to the challenges that face our growing community.